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Master of Osteopathy student, College of Osteopaths

Master of Osteopathy student, The College of Osteopaths

“I want to be an Osteopath.”

Have you ever thought that? Maybe you have considered other areas of medicine and wondered how you could become a part of the health profession? Osteopathy may well be one of the more accessible fields because there are different options in the way you might train to become an Osteopath. Here at The College of Osteopaths we only offer part-time courses. We have only ever offered a part-time course and so it is our speciality. The founders of the college recognised that there were many people who would make excellent osteopaths but for whom the traditional full-time mode was never going to work. Our students have their lectures at the weekend and book their clinical hours separately at a time that suits them. The aim is to provide a course that allows people who may wish to expand their current skills (manual therapists, physiotherapists, bodyworkers for instance) or change their jobs completely. We have students who originally were in the armed forces, plumbers, personal trainers, fitness instructors, people from marketing backgrounds, business analysts and banking to name but a few! A fully part-time course allows you to keep working whilst you study.

Joshua Myers is a 3rd year student on our Masters Programme doing just that. Joshua joined us in January 2015. He has started writing a blog about his initial reasons for starting the course and other areas that have interested him. You will see how his original career path in the marines was thwarted by injury but his experience of osteopathic treatment was a key to a different pathway. Through his own endeavours, he has spent time in some very interesting places from a spinal surgeon’s theatre to a premiership football club, expanding his knowledge and exploring human anatomy and health from many perspectives. If you have ever considered a career in osteopathy or wondered why someone would, then read more here.

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