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Women’s Health

Research in Osteopathy

Maria Robinson recently qualified with a Master in Osteopathy at The College of Osteopaths.  Maria’s research focussed on urinary incontinence (UI) which affects approximately one third of women over 40.  We asked Maria to share her research and explain a little bit about it.

“…My research explored the issue of urinary leakage in adult women. Although a very common problem, it is one that women are reluctant to speak about with their GP. It is an issue that can be helped in the majority of women, with very simple, conservative treatment and advice. This research aimed to explore why women don’t seek help and what are the things that make them more likely to mention their symptoms. It is hoped that by raising awareness of these factors within the osteopathic profession, osteopaths may be better able to identify when there is a problem and be able to encourage more women to get the advice that they need…”

Maria is just one of our students whose work has been published.  You can read the literature review here.

Maria now runs her own osteopathic practice and is based in Exeter, Devon.  For more information visit her website here.

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