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Join our January 2017 intake and change your life

We run a unique part-time degree pathway which allows students from all kinds of backgrounds to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming an osteopath.  Our courses take place at weekends over two semesters from September to June.  Because a part-time course is all we do, we completely understand the complexities involved of managing your old life whilst preparing for a new one.

What’s more, with our January 2017 intake you could be on the path to your new career sooner than you think.  Success in all the assessments along the way means that by September 2017 you could be joining your fellow students in year 2.  Come and find out how.

If you believe osteopathy is the career for you then come along to one of our open days and find out if you belong with us and we will help, guide and support you on the journey to become an osteopath.

Open Days are listed here.

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