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Start a part-time degree in Osteopathy in September 2017

Congratulations to all those who have successfully applied for our part-time degree course in Osteopathy.  September is just four months away and offer letters have already begun to go out.

Remember to:

  • Sign and return your contract and complete all other documents
  • Put in place your chosen finance plan (Student Finance England for new starters is now open and the link is: https://www.gov.uk/apply-online-for-student-finance).
  • Prepare a study area and a computer or laptop.
  • If you are really keen you could start looking at some anatomy and learning which muscles do what and where they attach.  There are lots of free websites or you could borrow a book from the library.  When you start your course, you will be given more details about which books are recommended.   As we update this each year, wait until your course leader sends you some suggestions before spending any money.

If you have yet to apply, we have just 4 more open day events coming up and you can find these here.  It’s not always necessary for students to attend an open day and if you have done your research and already know that osteopathy is for you then you can download the application forms here.

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