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LAST CHANCE! Risk, Assessment, Communication & Consent Course

Risk, Assessment, Communication & Consent Course
Saturday March 18th 2017
Staffordshire Campus

Don’t wait until someone makes a complaint, get yourself up-to-date with the latest in risk assessment tools, consent practices and how best to communicate all the possible risks of treatment to your patient.

Do you tell your patient the risk of stroke before you perform a cervical HVT? What is the risk of fracture of a particular treatment modality and how do you communicate that? How many of you use a general treatment waiver form? How valid is this should a patient be unhappy with treatment outcomes? How should all of this be noted?

Kelston has spent many years working on how osteopaths can best protect themselves from an increasingly litiginous public. If you have been subjected to a complaint, you already know how stressful this can all be. You will not only have the benefit of his years of experience but a useful set of notes to put into practice straightaway.

This is the last time this will run until 2018 so don’t miss out!

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