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Hands-on Anatomy – 4th July 2020

Join us on Saturday 4th July for a one day hands-on anatomy course.

Learn and experience human anatomy in a state-of-the-art facility with experienced medical tutors

This short course will enable you to visualise in three dimensions the layers and structures under your hands next time you are working with a patient, helping you to be a more effective and sensitive practitioner.

  • Gain a new perspective on the anatomy that you know so well and refresh your knowledge of the tissues that surround it
  • See and examine dissected human cadavers and prosected human specimens
  • Get a real 3-dimensional picture of how anatomical structures appear in relation to each other.
  • Deepen your understanding of those muscles and joints that are so commonly problematic.
  • Palpate and explore the characteristics, position and relationships of the viscera.
  • Understand the layers of muscle and fascia, nerve supply and connections
  • Study in detail the in-situ changes associated with osteoarthritis or joint replacement surgery
  • Identify the cranial bones and some of the nerve pathways and key areas of the brain

The course is open to qualified healthcare practitioners and students – the cost is £175 per person and will be held at the Keele University Medical School, Staffordshire

For more information please contact: admin@collegeofosteopaths.ac.uk


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