What to expect at The College of Osteopaths

The College of Osteopaths offers osteopathic training and postgraduate programmes for osteopaths and other professions allied to health. All programmes are fully part-time and designed for students who want to combine study with work or bringing up a family. The College of Osteopaths is experienced in educating groups of individuals entering programmes from a variety of professional and social backgrounds. Our flexible delivery is ideal for mature or career-change learners. Suitable students with a health or biomedical background can be fast-tracked into our degree programmes.

There is the option of studying in the south or the north of England, at the London or Stoke-on Trent campus of The College of Osteopaths. Programmes are currently delivered in conjunction with Middlesex and Keele University respectively, and from September 2011 the College will be collaborating Staffordshire University too.

The College currently delivers two post-graduate osteopathic programmes at its London campus; an M.Sc in Clinical Practice and an Advanced Diploma in Osteopathy.