Back Pain

Back pain is an extremely common condition, affecting one-third of the adult population each year. There are many causes from poor posture, muscle strain, trauma (such as whiplash) and sports injury. This results in discomfort and disability in people from all walks of life and a loss of 3.5 billion each year to the economy.

Osteopathy is renowned in the treatment of back strain using a wide range of additional techniques including massage, mobilisation and exercise therapy which allows osteopathic treatment for all ages, from babies and children to the very old.

Manipulation, mobilisation and massage are now recommended by the NHS National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence in the treatment of low back pain. Manipulation can be performed by osteopaths and chiropractors or by doctors and physiotherapists who have undergone specialist postgraduate training in manipulation.

The College's osteopathic clinics offer treatment at reduced rates in Central London, Borehamwood (Hertfordshire) and Stoke-on-Trent (Staffordshire). Treatments are carried out by senior students under the supervision of a registered osteopath. Why not call one of our clinics today for a low cost consultation?