Studying in London at Middlesex University

Various views of the University showing the main building, refectory and lecture theatres

Middlesex University is based in North London. It has a strong collaborative history, and recruits across the world, working in partnership with a wide variety of education providers to deliver outstanding higher education at home and abroad.

The University views internationalism as the key to achieving its future ambition as North London's university of choice.

The College's osteopathy programmes are located within the School of Health and Social Sciences, a leading centre for professional education and research in the health and social sciences in London. Along with a diverse range of programmes and research opportunities, the school has a flexible approach to study and delivery, to meet the needs of wide range of individuals. Many of the courses such as Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine, Dual Diagnosis and Risk Management, are UK firsts, and have set the standard for others to follow. The School is recognised as a Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, and its research is internationally recognised.

The College of Osteopaths signed its first collaborative agreement with Middlesex University in 1998 and has continued to benefit from the university's wealth of knowledge and partnership experience.

For more information about Middlesex University, please visit the Middlesex University website