Master/Bachelor of Osteopathy (M.Ost/B.Ost)

The M.Ost and the B.Ost are part-time degree courses delivered in collaboration with Middlesex University. The programmes are identical for the first three years after which students choose or are directed to the appropriate pathway. The B.Ost completes in five years and the M.Ost in five and a half years. The programmes, which are new for 2010/11 are due to undergo the General Osteopathic Council's recognised qualification (RQ) process and the College is confident of the same successful outcome as that gained with the previous B.Sc.

The new programmes have been designed to meet the needs of the ever growing body of students who wish to work while they learn and train on a fully part-time basis. The programmes develop the educational, professional and the business skills required for successful practice. Attendance is required every other weekend for eighteen weekends per year and there is flexibility built into the attendance required at clinic. The clinic opening hours include evenings and Saturdays enabling students to continue with established work and home-life commitments throughout the duration of their course. There is no requirement to attend full-time at anytime on the programme. Furthermore this innovative programme focuses on the development and practical application of business skills from year one, ensuring that students will graduate with osteopathic and business competence.